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Feb 09 2015

Who Else Wants More Traffic to Their Website?

This past week, I looked at the website analytics for one of my websites and found that my traffic volume had actually increase from the previous 2 months.

After closer inspection on where the burst of traffic was coming from and how these people found my website online, it was clear that the increase in online traffic was because of killer search engine optimization techniques. But more specifically, this is the midwest and one of the best seo companies in Oklahoma is the one that gets you results.

So you want to first start off, by looking into the numbers. This is easy to get the data from, as you look into the google analytics and can see that the organic traffic has gone up. What this tells me is that people are finding our website from doing a google search and then clicking on a link in the search results page.

How Do You Increase or Double Your Traffic Online?

So now that we have looked at the analytics and found out what our monthly visitors are, now we can look at specific pages and see if we can make more pages related to that content.

For example, say your webpage on direct printing is getting a ton of traffic. What you can do to get more traffic to this particular niche, is to go and make another blog post or page that is dedicated to that theme. So make a page on direct mail and printing, or direct mail and conversions.

This way, you will already have one page that is getting traffic from the search engines, and then once you add more content that is relevant to that popular page, you will get more traffic based around that specific theme.

Then you can add some videos that talk about comparing the best direct mail printing places and see who does what and who rates better.

Another way to increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website, is to go out and get some paid advertising. While at first the thought of spending money might make many of you cringe, the initial outflow of money can easily be recouped if you do it the right way.

One of the best ways to get a positive ROI when using paid traffic, is to send your visitors to a lead capture page. The lead capture page, or squeeze page, is a page that has a form on it so that you can capture a person’s name and email so that you can follow up with them in the future.

The most common ways to do this, is to have the names and emails go into an email database that captures their information and stores it in a database so that you can build up a list of subscribers.

The most common tool to build up an email list, is by using an autoresponder. What an autoresponder does, is capture emails and send out automated email messages to the subscribers. The beauty of this is that you only have to send the email once, and it goes out to the entire email list that is in the database.

So what you do is send a short email, with a link in the email that goes back to your website, and this will bring in a ton more traffic to your site over time.

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